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All entering freshmen and transfer applicants who have not completed at least three (3) semester hours of  college-level mathematics course with a grade of “C” or better 在经认证的美国大学.S. College or University must take placement examinations in Mathematics.

Transfer applicants who have completed at least three (3) semester hours of transferable college-level Composition will need to have transcripts sent from their institution to 招生 and Records to determine credit and course equivalencies.  They may 被豁免参加EPT.

New students will receive a personal invitation through email to meet with their assigned 学术顾问之前的建议 & 根据职位、专业和 顾问的可用性.

这种状态下的入学以一个学期为限.  学生可以发送非官方的 成绩单(s) admitme@triton.palermocultour.com 进行初步评估.


All students who need to take the placement test are required to pay testing fees 网上报名前请提前报名. 有10美元.英语备考费00元 测试和25美元.00美元的数学分班考试费用.

Payments can be made at the UOG Bursar's Office at the 政府 and Finance 大楼从星期一到星期五,上午8点到下午5点. 请注意收银台在 4 pm. 




Because all new freshmen place into English 110 (Freshman Composition), you are now *必须参加英语准备测试(EPT).

First of all, at some point further on in your application process,

  1. You will be directed to pay test fees through the university’s Bursar’s office or online (click this link for more information about paying placement test fees). Please ensure that the EPT payment is made before you take the test.
  2. When you have completed all application paperwork AND received both your gotritons email account and Moodle log-in credentials,  the UOG Moodlehelp desk will enroll 你在EPT Moodle课程外壳.

    At this point, even though you may have received advising and already registered for an EN 110 class, you will still need to complete the EPT diagnostic.

  3. Log in to Moodle to check and see if you have been enrolled in the EPT.  Once you 报名了,你能参加考试吗.
  4. Click on the EPT course, watch the Welcome Video, follow instructions carefully. 

When the first two conditions are met, 招生 and Records will send you a reminder 服用EPT. The EPT Moodle page will be available for Finakpo' 2022 students from 2022年4月4日(星期一)上午8点至7月8日(星期五)晚上11点59分.

You have 最多一周的时间来准备考试 once you start it, but keep in mind that no matter when you begin the test, it must be completed 到2022年7月8日星期五晚上11:59.



  • An environment (at home or in other places you work) that is free from distraction;
  • 稳定的互联网连接;
  • 用于编写(手机、电脑、笔记本电脑等)的设备.); and
  • Your UOG Moodle account log-in credentials (username and password). 如果你不知道 了解您的访问信息,请联系 admitme@triton.palermocultour.com


你的结果不会发布在Moodle课程网站上. 而是一份诊断报告 will be prepared by the EPT assessment team and made available to you and your EN 110 instructor around the fourth week of the semester in which you take Freshmen Composition.

欲了解更多信息,请与英语系联系. (671) 735-2725或特雷西塔 Perez tperez@triton.palermocultour.com

*Students who have official AP scores OR an equivalent EN 110 transfer credit which places them into EN 111 directly do not need 服用EPT and do not need to pay ,收取EPT测试费用. Please check with 招生 and Records if either of these conditions 适用于你.


Accuplacer数学分级测试(MPT)是一种 computerized test that accurately and efficiently assesses your current knowledge in math. This test is not timed, but you will be given three hours to finish it. Upon completion of the test, you will receive your placement results instantly. Students 是否需要在考试前进行网上注册. 不允许的胜利.

*𝗔𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻: Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing protocol 将被执行. 所有参加分班考试的学生都必须佩戴口罩 on campus. 手套是可选的. 请携带口罩,否则将被拒绝入境 必须重新安排你的考试时间. 不允许未经预约的学生参加考试. 只有学生 报名参加考试的考生可以进入考场. 不允许闲逛. Please always distance yourself at least 6ft apart from other people. 如果你觉得 sick or have been in contact with anyone not feeling well or in quarantine, please 告诉bbin宝盈集团官方网站,bbin宝盈集团官方网站可以为你重新安排一次考试.

*𝗡𝗼𝘁𝗲: All workstations at the test site are at least 6 feet apart from each other and will be disinfected before and after each test session by our staff.

Below are the online registration links for the UOG Accuplacer 数学分级考试:

Term Fee 初步测试日期 & Sessions UOG报名表格链接(校内)
Finakpo”(2022年)夏天 & Fanuchanan (秋天)2022 $25


MWF: 9am-12pm | F: 1pm-4pm


*受制于可用性. 请查看具体考试时段的报名表 目前可用的.

*Please place a zero (0) before your UOG ID number, must be 7-digit ID number*


Palau & 塞班远程数学分级测试

Students who reside in Palau or Saipan can take the UOG MPT at a proctored test site 每个岛上.
The UOG MPT is hosted in Palau at the Palau Community College and in Saipan at the 北马里亚纳大学.

Please complete the following requirements before proceeding to register for your test.

  1. 在线申请UOG: http://www.palermocultour.com/admissions/apply-online
  2. 在线支付UOG申请费
  3. Receive your UOG Student ID Number (7-digit ID number is required to register for MPT)
  4. 请在这里在线支付您的MPT费用: http://commerce.cashnet.com/uog
  5. Receive your MPT fee payment receipt (receipt number is required to register for MPT)
  6. 在这里在线报名参加考试: 
    帕劳群岛居民: http://uogmath.岩石/ PalauRemoteMPT
    塞班岛居民: http://uogmath.岩石/ SaipanRemoteMPT 

**目前在帕劳可用 & 塞班岛只有. 其他远程测试站点可能可用 在未来.

准备 & 资源

Should you have any questions or concerns please call the Mathematics Division at (671) 735-2825. If you encounter any problems with the registration or would like to reschedule 您的考试,请发邮件到 uog.accuplacer.mpt@gmail.com.

For more information on your admissions status, transcript(s), or placement, you may 联系以下招生人员.